Saturday, July 16, 2011

Special Thanks (no. 1)

I want to share a small bit of this colorful and inspiring 20-page art book by Joe Griffith of Experimental Skeleton, created as part of our Bluebird logo study:

Kym O'Donnell contributed photographs and more. Two talented folks, they have both been extremely supportive of the bus project, for which I am grateful. The book appeared in my mailbox shortly after we began brainstorming. It's filled with sketches, transparencies, spray paint and tape.

The worms design idea (above, right) never fails to bring me a smile. I particularly enjoy how they travel the full course of the digestive system.

These two-page spreads didn't fit on my scanner very well. It's hard to do the book justice here. I certainly plan to display it when the time comes.

Joe is instrumental in the Bluebird Books bus painting and build-out process. I chose the colors, but Joe ordered the paint. We spent about nine hours scraping industrial-strength reflective tape off the vehicle. Joe is power-sanding it and getting ready to lay down a primer coat. But first, we finish taping off the windows and trim. With any good paint job, preparation is key. Tomorrow will be a serious work day.

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