Monday, November 7, 2011

Bird in the News

Spreading the word, making some friends, shaking a tail feather. Fall is an avian season. Things are getting downright frisky.

In October, we got our first press in Megan Voeller's lovely Creative Loafing article. And by chance, it was seen by a visitor who brought the news back to Vouched in Indianapolis, IN, a very cool project that promotes small press literature via guerrilla book stores, reading series, and online publishing. So pleased to make their acquaintance! And indeed the feeling was mutual, as founder Christopher Newgent quickly revealed his desire to start up a similar Vouched Bus project. Perfect timing. Let's fly seeds across the land.

What's next? Tomorrow evening, a rendezvous with Stephanie Hayes of the St. Petersburg Times. And the Kickstarter campaign, ever-so-slightly delayed (it takes time to make a good video and such) is expected to go live the week of Nov. 14.

That will be just in time for our first stop on the kick-off tour, at Sherry's Yesterdaze Parking Lot Sale, Saturday, Nov. 19 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Watch for more exciting programs that same evening, when the Ubernothing Big Machine Event takes over at Franklin Street's Cafe Hey.

Oh, we've come a quite a long way. Remember when the bus was yellow? And six hours of scraping turned arms into useless jelly?  Those were good times.

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