Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Captive Poet Project

Here at Bluebird, we’re all about taking words to the street. That’s why we have wheels.

This is not a taco truck. But you can order a haiku, through the latest incarnation of our literary outreach: The Captive Poet Project.

At select Bluebird Books events in March – starting tonight – one of our Captive Poets will create an original, experimental haiku poem (up to five lines long) for you to take home.

Our Poets work on a typewriter before your very eyes, and each poem is custom made to order. We only ask for a $2 minimum donation. It helps us keep the Poets fed and watered (and of course, a little gas money never hurts).

During future events, you can get hands-on and write your own to add to our Pocket Book, a teeny ‘zine due out this fall.

Meanwhile, meet the Captive Poets – students of poetry and volunteers from local groups such as the IV Poets – and learn about English-language variants of the Japanese haiku poetic form.

See you on the Bus!

Nicole Kibert /

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